Feature Classic  
A professional broadcast quality production, filmed on location by a professional cameraman and director over the course of a single day. This documentary will feature onsite visits, the use of photos and documentary style interviews. Captured footage and material will be edited in our studios to create a very enjoyable and pleasing film! 

Technical Details
•    One professional cameraman
•    Producer/Film Director
•    Filming in 1080i Full HD Cinema widescreen
•    Full day’s filming over several locations (longer available)
•    Pre-Production planning and consultation
•    Professional Interviewing
•    Creation of production music
•    Professional Studio editing & Sound mixing
•    Documentary Trailer
•    Full Feature length Documentary
•    DVD with scene selection
•    Three copies fully printed & packaged

This package is suitable for small private and corporate projects, where we film all subject material and capture interviews within the course of a single day. (more time available if needed)