Cinematic Perfection™  

This premium rated package is fitting for those who crave ultimate visual cinematic perfection, excellence and outstanding quality! Captured footage will be elegantly edited in our studio by our very own Creative Director, producing an exceptionally stunning, captivating and a thoroughly exhilarating film! 

You will be presented with two professional events cinematographers who will discreetly film your event from different angles and perspectives, providing you with extremely detailed and comprehensive coverage of all the key aspects of the day.

If you're looking for a truly Cinematic film, something that you would see in cinemas then this is the package you want! The quality of filming is second to none, and the end product is a beautifully produced movie that will stand the test of time! It is a perfect record of your event!

What is included?

•    Two Professional Events Cinematographers
•    Filming in 1080p Full HD 1920x1080p | 16:9  widescreen
•    Up to 10 hours attendance
•    Choice of music tracks
•    Cinematic Studio editing by the Creative director™
•    Professional Sound mixing
•    Professional Colour Correction and Grading
•    Video messages From Guests
•    Exclusive Director style Cinematic Movie highlights video
•    Cinematic Movie with choice of Steadicam, Dolly or Crane
•    DVD with scene selection
•    Three copies fully printed & packaged

Recommended for:

This package is perfect for clients who want a very unique, dynamic and detailed record of their day in true picturesque and cinematic style! For very large events we recommend an events coordinator at an additional cost of £200.