Feature Classic �  

Our starting entry-level Cinematic Package is perfect for clients who want something that is unique, elegant, contemporary and most of all exquisite! You will have access to one professional wedding cinematographer who will provide excellent all round coverage of the ceremony and will capture all the key highlights of the day.

More like our Cinematic Perfection ® package in terms of editing quality, cinematic look and feel however the client does not have the added benefit of an additional 2nd cinematographer to capture some fantastic cinematic shots on a track or steadicam.

Captured footage will be very stylishly and creatively edited back in our studio to produce a highly entertaining, thought-provoking and stimulating film!  

What is included?
•    One professional wedding Cinematographer
•    Filming in 1080p Full HD 1920x1080p | 16:9 widescreen
•    Up to 6 hours attendance
•    Video Messages from Bride, Groom & Guests
•    Choice of Music Tracks
•    Cinematic Style editing
•    Full-length Feature Movie
•    DVD with scene selection
•    One copy fully printed & packaged

Recommended For:
This package is ideal for smaller functions and provides excellent all round coverage of the day. Perfect for clients wanting a visually cinematic film for their wedding day but don't have the appetite for the two or three cinematographer packages. Overall an excellent one cinematographer cinematic film creatively edited to perfection!

For large complex and elaborate set-ups, we recommend viewing our ‘Cinematic Perfection ® ’ package. This package is particularly recommended if you are looking for a truly cinematic filming experience with a real focus on attention to detail and creativity.

If you require more information or have specific requirements please contact us.